5 Powerful Steps


Are you facing a career challenge, transition or uncertainty?

Do you feel like your self-confidence has deserted you?

Have you found yourself reacting in ways that are unproductive?

Do you question your abilities?

Do you often feel like a fraud or that your achievements came through luck?

Do you often fake an outwardly confident exterior?

Are you struggling to find the headspace to make future decisions?

If the above resonate, then these

‘5 Powerful Steps To Elevate Confidence & Create Impact In Your Career’’

will set you up to:

5 Powerful Steps

I use these exact same 5 powerful steps (and many more) to help my clients uplevel their mindset, gain clarity and operate at their peak!

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About Me

Louisa O’Donnell

My name is Louisa O’Donnell. I am a Career Empowerment Coach and owner of Purple Eclipse Coaching. I help driven, high achieving professionals operate with supreme confidence & navigate challenge by removing mindset barriers to success.

 My own career spans overseas & in the U.K. leading experienced teams in the cruise line industry, luxury hotels, executive hospitality recruitment and founding two businesses, with Purple Eclipse Coaching launching in 2017. These rich and diverse experiences and career transitions have both challenged and rewarded me, fuelling my passion to coach others with how they lead themselves within a career that matters!

I know what it’s like to face career challenges and transitions (even the positive ones) that hurt your self-confidence and make you question your abilities, zap your energy, cloud your judgement and prevent you from making informed decisions about your next steps

As a certified coach, NLP Practitioner and Mental Health First Aider, I take my clients from feeling stuck, frustrated and often overwhelmed by self-doubt, to feeling supremely confident, armed with success strategies, ready to take assertive action and realigned with their direction.

What my clients say….

Dave, Head of Radio & TV

“Louisa has been coaching me for 3 months and she has changed my life! I needed support, encouragement and techniques to get myself to a specific goal and she was the perfect person.”

Susanne, Sr. Vice President & Operations

“Louisa is amazing! When I met her I was pretty much at rock bottom in terms of my self-esteem and confidence at work due to a takeover. Louisa has this brilliant ability to get under your skin. She has helped me turn my life around and restore my self belief.”

Harriet Bowtell, Senior Associate, Employment Law

"I cannot recommend Louisa highly enough. She has helped me question behaviours I have had for years which have been holding me back without me even realising. She has helped me develop strategies I can use every day to help with confidence, cope with potential stressors and be a happier person. Everyone deserves a coach! Thank you Louisa.”


My 5 powerful steps are just the beginning! If you want to take this further and learn how to utilise these steps and many others to their fullest potential and create the confidence, impact and results you REALLY desire, then I’d like to show you how, through my ‘Empowered’ coaching programme.

This 12-week programme will help you…..

  • GAIN clarity of what matters

  • RECONNECT with your value

  • REIGNITE your self-confidence

  • DEFEAT self-doubt

  • TAKE assertive action

  • MAKE informed decisions

This programme has enabled my clients to

  • Achieve promotion

  • Increase self-esteem

  • Change companies

  • Behave less emotively

  • Transition industry

  • Show up and speak up

  • Exceed targets

  • Influence effectively

  • Be recognised and rewarded

  • Manage relationships

To learn more about my online 12-week ‘Empowered’ programme and how I can help you operate with supreme confidence & thrive in your career, book in a FREE Career Discovery call and lets start with a chat!

“In order to succeed, we must first believe we can”

Always on your side!

Louisa x

"Positive change requires commitment, accountability and consistency"

Go ahead and book a FREE Career Discovery call and let’s explore what’s challenging you and assess how my ‘Empowered’ coaching offering can support you.

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